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i am a unique astrologer
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Welcome to the new heavens, my new and different astrology blog


I have always been fascinated by astrology.


Astrology helps me figure out myself, other people and the world around me. Join me on an adventure.


This will be personal for you and for me.


I promise to be clear, concise and connecting. And not to offend too much. In other words, I will be my usual self.

How did this all start? I had a fall off my seat moment. I found out that astrology comes in many forms. The zodiac signs we all know line up with the Hebrew months more easily than the solar calendar.


I used to think I was a Leo, born between July 23 and August 22. My birthday according to the Hebrew calendar is Tammuz 19. In 1959 that was July 25 and I was told I am a Leo.


I am not a Leo. I have never been a Leo.


Now I know I am a Cancer and that changes everything. We will be talking about my move from Leo to Cancer in some detail. First, we will need to get some grounding in the Hebrew lunar calendar.

This is really all about you.


It works for me and I want to show you how. As we travel this path in astrology you may find yourself in a different sign and see its meaning and value differently. Part of this will be to explore the importance of your birthstone. Buckle up - this is uncharted territory for most people.


Astrology as taught by the Chassidic Masters is the key to the door of understanding yourself and others. I intend to explain it all in plain English. I speak and still write in the Irish version I learned in school in Dublin.

I am also the Naive Reader.

This is a title I have given myself. Believe it or not, it’s a technical term. Try looking up the words intentional naivete.

Reading a book with thoughtful and intelligent naivety allows me to access the main points of the book. In the case of the Bible, somewhere along the line, inspired people decided this is a book with a message for all time. It is so easy to get lost in the details, analysis and commentaries and never, ever get to the big revelation.


Teaching the Books of Daniel, Zachariah and Isaiah pushed me into this new way of reading. This will be an exciting adventure and it is also my approach to astrology. There is a lot in the books I am reading and I invite you to contact me and consider deeper study.

My commitment to you


I promise at all times

  • to explain everything in plain English

  • be completely authentic, sharing only deeply felt and understood teachings

  • to not confuse you with complex charts

  • to get personal and share some of my struggles and successes 

i am a teacher of astrology

In all my teaching I am learning.

Every time I open a book of wisdom that wisdom is already on its way towards me. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned as I began to study the great Chassidic Masters.


I open a book, I meet and learn with people, I do an astrological reading and the lessons are beyond time and place and the writers are talking to us in words of our time.

This blog will show you some of my revelations. Please be in touch about personal and group learning opportunities. We can use Zoom or Google Meet.

In all my teaching I adhere to the rule of

the three C words plus one



connecting and

not cause too many hurt feelings.

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public speaking
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I am a public speaker with lots of experience in different settings. I can inspire and motivate large and small groups. My style is warm and engaging. If your interest level is more scholarly, we can read the original texts together and this is how I do a class here in my hometown of Jerusalem.

The people I learn with have very different levels of background in astrology and mysticism in general. Some of my friends and learning partners have no knowledge of the Hebrew language at all and others are fluent readers with years of study behind them.

I can tailor a class, seminar or study group to your interests and abilities. Please be aware that we are in the mystical realm and the lesson chooses the people it shares with. Remember the line from the first Harry Potter book - the wand chooses the wizard. I know this is 100% true in my work over many years.

astrological readings

Let’s start at the beginning


The Book of Formation is very old. It is one of the oldest parts of the Zohar, the Book of Light. In Chapter Five, we are given a list of five things about each month. 


You must first look up your date of birth on the Hebrew lunar calendar. You can easily find and use converters of birth dates online.


A reading of your stars is a process of enlightenment. It can hurt. Changing how you see other people and yourself based on star signs is built into our culture on a different model. We read horoscopes and we expect advice and affirmation.


We do not expect to be told we have been looking at the wrong constellation of the zodiac and reading it wrong at the same time. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. The constellations tell us valuable information when we know which is ruling when and we read them through the lens of Hebrew Mysticism. 


On the other hand, the stars themselves are just stars. They help us focus on a thought or teaching that we can take to heart if we choose. There is no real connection between the stars of, for example, Cancer - they line up to form the outline of a crab in the sky at night from our point in time and space.

A personal reading takes courage. We will learn about each other beginning with the book we are drawn to open. Interested? Fill in the contact form and let's talk about a date and time.

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let’s talk
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thanks for connecting

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